Yesterday morning, I was part of the workforce. Today, after working an eight hour shift, I have been told that my services are no longer required. The reasoning behind this (in a private office conversation that we had) from the team leader is that I am not proficient enough in Excel spreadsheets. So, my hopes of being a customer service officer have been dashed. I have gone from earning money to being another figure in the unemployment statistics – all in the space of one day. I wouldn’t mind, but I was hoping to get a new bed for my daughter this month, and would have to wait it later. As Ned Kelly said as they put the hangman’s noose around his neck: Such is Life.
I suppose this means that I will have to learn Word Excel so efficiently that they cannot tell me any different. Except that at the moment, I haven’t got the heart to learn it. I want to spend this weekend working on my novel, and say blow to any employer in the future.
What if I make it as a successful writer/author? How I will sneer at those who have done me wrong! Surely life is not all about being as fast as you can be on a keyboard? This really has got me thinking about the world we live in and the absolute necessity in being as fast as possible with all things technologically based. What an earth happened to quality? Good service? Everything is rush, rush, rush, and I don’t think it’s a good look. Today’s world is just going to get faster and faster, and woe betide anyone that can’t keep up with it.
Back to my writing, I guess.