Released: December 2015

Elen A Celtic Trilogy (# Book 1)

Released: July 2016

Alice’s Secret A Celtic Trilogy (# Book 2)

Released: Christmas 2016

Stella Windermere The Case of the Polish Sailor

Stella Windermere is a Murder Mystery, set in my old hometown of Port Talbot, South Wales

Release date: August 2017

The Tourmaline Bracelet A Celtic Trilogy (#Book 3)

The third and final installment of A Celtic Trilogy, The Tourmaline Bracelet follows the next generation in this uplifting family saga. 

1912. Harry Jameson, the son of Henry and Bella Jameson, has been expelled from his posh Melbournian private school. With the war in Europe now on everyone’s doorstep, he enlists as an officer and is sent to France.  There he learns about love loss and the sacrifices we make in the pursuit of liberty.

1976. Elizabeth works in a Nursing Home on the edge of the Welsh border. Her life is filled with an aching loneliness after the death of her beloved David. When she finds a dusty old dressing box in the attic of the Home, she finds herself caught up in the events of the past, and of a search for a long forgotten bracelet that binds her to the bracelet’s owner.

Who is the mysterious soldier from the past that Elizabeth ‘sees’? And what does he want from her?

The Tourmaline Bracelet spans a hundred years, family generations, and the reasons behind our actions: to ultimately find what we desire most; love.