Yesterday, I went shopping with Jessica. Jessica is on school holidays at the moment, so we decided to ‘hit the shops’ down at Australia Fair. This shopping mall is at least 20 mins away, and there are road works everywhere on route, making it a precarious journey.
We managed to get there (in one piece!). There are so many new shops set up there that is feels like a new mall. We trolled around the shops and went for lunch overlooking the oceanfront. The water that we were had a glorious view of is at the harbor at Southport. From our vantage point, we could see the yachts arriving and leaving the harbor, their sails blowing in the wind around the bay. It was a glorious day, and one that any sailing aficionado would relish.
Whilst eating our sushi lunch, we pondered on what the afternoon would bring. This is because we decided to stay out as long as we could, rather than go home where hubby was entertaining his friends. We decided to shoot around the shops further (someone has to do it!) and buy some clothes. We are going to Tasmania in August and need some winter wear, such as boots and coats, which are in the shops.
The highlight of our day, however, was deciding to go down to the beach. We went to Surfers and sat on the beach. It was glorious! We live in such a fabulous place, that when we’re indoors, we forget that it’s still out there – the sand, surf, the beach. I lay down on the sand and snoozed a little while, whilst Jessica took some selfies and some of the sea. There was a sudden noise, and five fighter pilots zoomed past in the sky – they were so quick that Jess had no time to get her camera ready! It was an awesome sight.
We then headed down to the markets on the beachfront. As usual, they were jam packed with tourists. In the early evening, there are lots of families enjoying the sights and sounds of Australia’s no1 tourist destination. There were new stalls to look at, including a stall where tourists could pose with a macaw for 20 bucks. The queue was all along the market strip, those guys must have made a fortune! We saw a stall where the owner had handcrafted his own greeting cards which were real sweet, and yet another jewellery stall with pieces made out of agate and other stones. I love looking at jewellery, and was in my element.
Then, jess and I sat on a bench facing the sea, and watched the tourists excitedly taking photos whilst perched on a giant statue of a koala bear, put there to commemorate the Commonwealth Games in 2018. It was fully dark by now, and we snuck over to a chip shop, had some takeaway chips, and then headed to the car. It was an unexpected gorgeous shopping day, topped off with a glorious evening at the beach.