For weeks before the great Easter weekend, I was prepared. I had gone to the local store with the intention of buying a certain amount of chocolate eggs, and putting them away in my wardrobe to surprise my kids with. I chose to go at least three weeks before, as experience had taught me (from previous years) that 1. Easter is as busy as Christmas, 2. There are no eggs left on the shelves, just empty spaces where they once sat proud and luscious, ready to be eaten.
So, this year I was relaxed and ready, smug in the knowledge that I HAD BOUGHT THEM. Well, the great Easter week arrived and yes, I was smug. How can I keep up the surprise tho? My daughter had a devastated look on her face when I mentioned NOT going out to the mad rush that befalls Easter shopping, and NOT getting any eggs – I had turned into the Wicked Witch overnight (the one from Wicked, and green is not even my favourite colour!). We bought large eggs and small eggs, eggs in packages and eggs without. We queued for 20 mins amongst other egg fiends, and the only conversations I could hear around me were egg filled and chocolaty. We went home with our fill and proceeded to eat our way through the goodies (this is Good Friday)
So, the very next day – who trudges down to the local shopping centre, yet again? I do! Am I mad? I think so… We load ourselves up with what is left on the shelves (sadly vastly depleted) and spend Easter Saturday eating them some more chocolate treats. Yep, by now you get the gist – you guessed it, we had to go out the NEXT DAY and buy some more for Easter Sunday….because we have now run out of supplies (again). We then settle down on the eve of Easter Sunday (did I mention that we had really scrapped the barrel in egg choices that day. All we had left to choose was the cheap, nasty ‘pretend’ chocolate eggs – still eaten – and silly kids eggs in a mug variety – also still bought and eaten), to watch a movie and eat chocolate.
So, it’s Easter Sunday, 5 April 2015. I have a raging sugar headache and a thirst that the Nile River could not abate. I sneak into my wardrobe, and put MORE eggs on display, because this IS officially the day that we are supposed to eat them! My kids do not rise until after 10, and I can hear my son saying to his sister, ‘Guess what, more eggs.’ I don’t think the enthusiasm was there – he sounded more like it was a trudge to get through another egg eating extravaganza. I almost felt sorry for my kids. We has bacon and scrambled eggs (more eggs?) for breakfast and by early evening were all ‘egged out’ again.
I think I will leave the ‘preparations’ for Easter until the last minute next year. Otherwise we will all have sugar overload. I am so ‘over’ eggs, that my picture to accompany my blog will have cute little chicks to celebrate the Easter hols. Next hurdle, Christmas. Thank goodness it is a few months off yet. Now, shall I do some preparations for that, starting this week? (!)
Happy Easter!!easter-chicks-12