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August 2017

The Tourmaline Bracelet A Celtic Trilogy


The Tourmaline Bracelet A Celtic Trilogy

My new book The Tourmaline Bracelet has just been released on Amazon! It’s in Kindle form, but I’m working on getting it to PRINT by 30th September 2017.

Have a great weekend everyone! #writing #books #historical fiction



This Self-Publishing Course Is Free… And Great Too

Looks great

9 Ideas to Get Inspiration or Beat Writer’s Block

So many good ideas here 🙂

2017 Writers Group Convention

New book cover!

This is just a short but sweet writing post to let you all know that l have a book cover sorted for my new book!

The Tourmaline Bracelet is the third book in A Celtic Trilogy and is set to be released 31st August 2017 (which is one day away).

Happy reading 😊📚

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Aquaman movie at Hastings Point

We took a run across the border this afternoon, and into New South Wales. As part of my creative writing course I have to write a narrative journalistic article on a local topic. It has to be an opinion piece, of local interest, and newsworthy. I’ ve chosen to write a story that has been in the local papers lately, concerning the filming of the new Aquaman movie. The film producers (one of which is James Wan ) have gained a licence from the Tweed Heads council to film at Hastings Point, amid anger from some of the residents. Naturally filming there means that the residents are not allowed on the beach or in the water in case they accidentally get filmed themselves!

We have arrived just as filming is finishing up, so the set is half dismantled and filming has moved to the Warner Bros studios on the Gold Coast.

The same area was used to film the Pirates of the Caribbean movie in 2015. Is Hollywood coming to northern NSW? If it was up to the locals, I’d say definitely not!😀

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Watch “Childish Gambino – Redbone (Acoustic cover)” on YouTube

This is my son Liam Bowditch, whose a Melbourne based musician, tirelessly working and loving his music. He’s releasing a set of covers and his own material ready for an ep at the end of the year.


irrupt or erupt?

Really helpful grammar tips here for writers

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This one was suggested by my husband, a keen birdwatcher (see below for why that’s relevant) and adder of troublesome pairs to my list.

Erupt is perhaps the better-known of the two. To erupt is to forcefully throw out rocks, lava, gas and ash, if you’re a volcano. The next meaning is to break out suddenly, usually used of something like a fight, and similarly, you can erupt into laughter, meaning it happens suddenly and forcefully. Finally, a spot or rash erupts when it appears suddenly on the skin, and a tooth erupts through a gum when it grows in your mouth and becomes visible.

To irrupt, also a verb, means to burst into somewhere, to enter suddenly or even forcibly. The kind of thing people do when they break down a door. Interestingly, I’ve seen people being described as “erupting” in this sense, but let’s use irrupt here…

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Endings – How Important Are They?

Very interesting post. I believe less is more (and may even lead to a follow on book ! )

Author Don Massenzio

endLast week, I talked about book openings in one of my posts. This post talks about the other end of your book, the ending. It will briefly discuss the types of endings and the importance of choosing the right one for your book.

Just_Hanging_AroundLeaving the reader hanging – is it a good idea?

Many sources will tell you not to end your book with a cliffhanger. The reader needs some satisfaction or a happy ending to complete their reading experience. In my opinion, the answer to this is not quite that simple.

As someone who has written a series, I strive to make each book capable of being read as a standalone story. There is, however, a backstory arc for my main character that continues from book to book. What I like to do is resolve the current story within the book but provide a lead in to the next…

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