I have not wrote in my blog for a number of weeks, now, and this is the reason why: I have not given up writing, as the cynical among you might think, but have been working on my first book.

The story of the book has been close to my heart for a number of years. Ever since I studied the subject in my history degree to be precise. It follows the story of Elen who’s accused of murdering a child in the 1840’s in the UK, and is transported (sounds very sci-fi) to Van Diemen’s Land to serve out a life term. This is a fascinating time in Australian history, as the people that were sent kicking and screaming the new colony halfway around the world are the very same who have built the foundations of the diverse and beautiful land of Australia; my home.

Now it is FINISHED!! I feel bereft. I have to decide now – what’s next? This is unknown territory to me, as I have not dipped my toe into the world of publishing – ever.

I would be grateful to anyone who has some feedback on my question – how to get a book published?

Thank you all fellow bloggers :):)