There was a fair amount of drama at my house this morning. To recap, I am not working at the moment, but am waiting to finish my Grad Dip in Library Studies which does not start until July of this year. I am also keeping busy with writing my book and my blog.
At the beginning of the year, however, I was fervently job hunting. I had no studying to do, and had no writing started yet, so was at a loose end and thought I could an extra income. So, I put my name down at an employment agency, and promptly forgot all about looking!
Today, I get an unexpected phone call – the recruitment agency wanted me to start work. No probs, I thought – until they said I had to be there in literally half an hour. At this time in the morning I was still in bed (OK it was the school hols), so I jumped out of bed, and rushed into the shower, put my contacts in. and threw some toast into the toaster. It was all systems go. My son at that moment decided to go out (only for a little while, he said), so I was panicking trying to feed the dog, myself, put the dishes on (which I left for Liam) and generally get myself together and in ‘work mode.’
There was hardly any food left in the house (I go shopping on Thurs and this is Weds) that can accommodate a lunch out, ie no sandwich fillings, so I had to grab a dry piece of cheese and shove it in a slice of bread. Woe is me.
I bombed it down the highway, and then slowed down when I realised that a few minutes being late for a casual job is not the end of the world (very philosophical for the morning). I made it with minutes to spare. The job was pretty straightforward, and involved making phone calls to rearrange appointments for installing the internet at people’s homes.
The office had its air con on full blast thought, so I am full of sniffles this evening. The good news is that they offered me full time work for the next month. I can use the extra money for my trip to Tasmania later in the year, so I am well pleased.
So tonight I am chilling and watching TV with a very pleased hubby (who is thinking ‘we have more money!’). I can see the cogs in his head going into over drive. I have sent hubs down to the garage to get some more petrol, bread and a snack. Because tomorrow is – MY SECOND DAY AT WORK! How weird is that.
Still busily checking my blog, writing and doing research on my book, but will concentrate on it on the weekends…after I’ve waxed Jess’ legs and plucked her eyebrows that is, and then curled her hair for her. There’s definitely no peace for the wicked, and even less for me!