Its St David’s day in Wales – that is, March 1st, a day when Welsh people send their children to school in traditional Welsh costume, looking as cute as buttons.

The costumes usually consist of (for the girls) : tweedy shawls, high stove hats with frills, long tweed skirts and pinafores with boots, and either have a daffodil or a leek pinned to their lapels. The boys wear Welsh rugby jerseys and sometimes tweedy flat caps ( which I recall get thrown around the playground by lunchtime!)

Its also a day for traditional Welsh fayre! So, with this in mind, I’ve baked a large batch of Welsh cakes (see pic below and my lovely little Welsh doll ).

Happy St David’s day, wherever you are!

On a creative note, I wrote over a 1,000 words of my thesis (due at the end of the year) that has my MC as a witch. Its toodling along nicely, thanks to heaps of reading material around – Ronald Hutton, Antonio Fraser, Tracy Borman – that have helped me get a sense of 16-17 century Europe.

The weather has cooled down considerably, which is fabulous.

Happy creative weekend! 😊 🙌 📚

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