Reality TV is one of the downfalls of the modern age, I seriously believe that. My interest in the shows has waned considerably over the years. It started with the reality music shows that have made Simon Cowell a millionaire. Shows such as The Voice, X Factor and Britain (and Australia’s) got Talent. I really did like reality then, but it has taken over TV. I feel like it is ‘lazy’ TV for the TV networks, as they just have to get a load of people off the streets and put them in front of a camera.
I remember when they first showed Big Brother on the TV. I was living in the UK at the time, and there was such excitement and gossip about the show. The newspapers were full of the antics of the ‘stars’ of the show, and people talked about them at work, shopping, and in everyday life. We were subjected every night to random people from all walks of life who were put into a ‘goldfish bowl’ and constantly bickered and talked about each other – it made for irresistible viewing in the early stages, but now people are so ‘over it!’
At the moment, the show that I am watching is My Kitchen Rules. As a reality show, it is now the worst. It least it has people who have some sort of ‘talent’ in that they cook on the show, and get critiqued by reputable chefs. Its saving grace is that there is competitiveness and a progression, rather than the BB scenario where the ultimate goal is to get people to disagree with each other! My Kitchen Rules Is one of the better shows that are being aired at the moment. I cannot get into The Block at all – who wants to see contestants wreck some buildings? Oh no, not me!
The X Factor in the UK produced One Direction, so for that we have millions of teenage girls across the globe who are eternally grateful, including my own daughter Jessica. So, for that, a reality show has done well.  Another show that I have warmed to is The Great British Bake Off. This is another baking show, but the contestants have to have the skills of baking sumptuous and delicious looking cakes and pastries. Delish! I also enjoyed Master chef Australia when that was on air (especially the first season), but last year’s show was abysmal. Don’t get me started on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! though, because I cannot watch grown people (Z list celebrities) eat worms, bugs and testicles! That may be very entertaining for some, depending on the celebrity!
It seems that I may have a love/hate relationship with reality shows. I class them as I do ‘pop music,’ because they please for a short space of time until the viewer gets totally sick of them and switches off. They are the TV version of throwaway items in your life, alongside weird coloured hair and ‘in fashion’ clothes.
Just what will we be saying about reality TV in 50 years’ time, even if they stand up to the longevity test?