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November 2015

Writing seminar

Today I attended my first writing workshop. We learnt how to set up a blog, and how to avoid the pitfalls of blogging. Then we had a very enjoyable creative writing class, in which we were given different pictures, and objects to write a story around. My picture was of a young girl working on a farm. It looked around the 1950’s and she had a very sad expression on her face as she carried a bucket of what looked like manure. There was a stern looking woman stood behind her, with her hands on her hips (which I said was her mother!)The creative writing teacher was an absolute scream. She giggled and joked throughout the session (and was mostly funny!).

After a break for lunch (sandwiches and cakes, provided for by the library) we had a serious discussion on plot structure, characterization and dialogue. The teacher, a well versed writer herself, shared her secrets on publishing, self publishing and e kindles – and all the pitfalls that it can bring. She said (and I quote):

“There has never been a better time to become an author!”

I feel inspired to start my third book in my trilogy, set around the same family as each generation deals with their own diversities and conflicts.

Happy writing!!

The weekend movie

My daughter and I chose to go to the cinema this weekend. A new film that had so so reviews was showing, so along we trotted, popcorn and a soft drink in hand, to sit at the very back of the show, just like naughty school kids.

Kate Winslet exudes class. This new movie of hers, called  The Dressmaker, is no exception. I have been a fan of hers since she fell in love with Leonardo di Caprio, in Titanic, and she just gets better and better.

The Dressmaker is an Australian story, set in rural Victoria in the 1950’s She was banished from this very small (and dreary) town as a young child, after being accused of murder. After discovering that her mother is now ill, she returns,and has revenge on her mind.

I read the book version of this film some months back, and found the film to be not as good as the printed version. Still, Ms Winslet rocked a very good and original Australian accent, so that anyone watching would think that she was a true blue Aussie!

It was also my sons birthday on the Thursday, but his schedule is so intense (last count, he’s in three bands!) that it is difficult to pin him down. He had a gig on his birthday, so we had the honor of his presence for Saturday luncheon.We took him to a local burger joint that had a licence, and watched as he downed a couple of Canadian clubs. My husband also joined him “He cannot drink alone!’ was his excuse, and a pleasant afternoon was had.

Now, its back to my writing. I have just finished my second book, and am researching thew third. It is a trilogy about the same family, set in Australia with roots back in Wales. I love writing and am totally annoyed with myself that I haven’t taken the plunge and written before! Still, its never too late, so they say….!

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