Rhian and Matt were lying beside the hotel pool, whilst the children were happily slashing in the pool. Matt had bought them huge inflatable dolphins from their visit to Sea World, and they were squealing with delight.
“This is the life, love, what do you reckon? I wonder what ‘s going on in Wales today, whatever it is, I bet it’s lamping down!”
Rhian nodded and plastered some more sun cream onto her shoulders. She couldn’t agree more. The Gold Coast and its attractions were certainly enticing and she was starting to soak up the relaxed and laid back Australian lifestyle. Wales seemed like another planet. They had visited so many attractions and enjoying the holiday atmosphere as new arrivals to Australia. It still felt a bit surreal that they could stay longer than the token two weeks holidays that they had previously spent in Spain. The children were starting to become as brown as berries, and there would be no peeling skin when their ‘holiday’ ended. Just yesterday, they had driven down to the QLD/NSW border to Coolangatta. It was so beautiful there, with the sparkling blue water, enticing coves and luscious foliage. They had walked along the coastline amongst the eucalyptus trees and were thrilled to see the curious lizards basking on the rocks as they strolled past. They had gone to the Currumbin Wildlife Park and sat amongst the Big Red Kangaroos and Carys had been delighted to cuddle a Koala bear. Jack tentatively held a snake whilst having his photo taken…
“Another day in paradise” Matt remarked as he flopped down on the hotel bed after they had spent the afternoon sunning themselves on the nearest pristine beach. “I don’t think I can cope with all the excitement any more. Tomorrow I am looking for some work, or I may get used to this enjoying myself malarkey!” index