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May 2018

Sunday walks at Coomera Lake

We took our terrier Billy to Coomera Lake this afternoon. The lake is north of us and was used for water sports during the Commonwealth Games, where hundreds of athletes competed along its waterways. Now its back to normal, used for fishing, bird watching and dog walking.

I took my camera and snapped a cormorant sunning itself just as we walked by. It didn’t move for at least 10 minutes but kept a beady eye out for Billy!

I’m busy finishing up an assignment due this week, in which I have to write a YA story. Its turning into an actual book now, heading for over 10,000 words so I may carry on writing it! Its my first venture into YA fiction/fantasy/adventure and I’m really enjoying writing of Sammie’s adventure – I’m surprising myself…

What has surprised you in your writing? What inspires you to keep on writing?

Please share!

Happy creative weekend. πŸ˜ŠπŸ“š

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A List Of Mystery Resources [Mystery Month]

Blues on Broadbeach

There’s definitely been some excitement in my house lately, with the Royal Wedding (well, from me anyhow! ). Prince Harry is officially off the market, and his bride looked beautiful.

It was also the weekend of a Music Festival on the Gold Coast. Blues on Broadbeach this year featured my son Liam on guitar with the band Mescalito Blues. They’re a rocking blues band with original music and bags of musical experience. I took a run to the coast to see them on the Friday, but my hubby mozzied on down on the Saturday too.

I stayed at home, pots of tea to hand, with a batch of freshly baked scones and cream.

As for creativity, my book The Zeeland Girl is almost complete! Its had a proof read (by 2 good friends of mine) plus has been edited several times. I will be posting an excerpt of it over the weekend.

Have a great week and keep creative!

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Winter in Queensland

My son is up for a few weeks from the colder nether regions of Melbourne. There were storms and a thick layer of fog when he left on Monday, to fly into vast blue skies and warmer climes.

He’s playing all this weekend at Broadbeach Blues Festival ( lead guitar ) so we tagged along this week to suss out the venue. It’s an open air gig, right next to the beach…breathtaking.

Have a creative week, I’m getting my plotlines in place for a re-telling of Red Riding Hood….I may set it in contemporary times in a horror genre, for the older tales are much darker than the picture books reveal!

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Happy Mothers day

Its Mothers day here in Oz, so here are some images of Surfers Paradise that I took recently. We spend a fair amount of time down at the beach, and this spot is one of my favorites. Its early morning and the only people on the beach are fishermen and joggers ( and dog people, like us! ).

Definitely jumpers and joggers weather, even the dog is glad to get back into the car…

Happy Mother’s day wherever you are… ❀I’m currently addicted to watching The Handmaid’s Tale on TV, snuggled up with hot chocolate and popcorn!

Have a great creative week !

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Pelicans on the Gold Coast

Winter has well and truly arrived, and temperatures have plummeted here. We took a run to the beachfront this week, and I captured some local wildlife. The pelicans have becone something of an icon here, waiting for the trawlers everyday, for the fishermen throw them fish scraps from the boats. They’ll never go hungry, whatever the weather!



Wings flapping with joy

They wait, a sight to behold,

Seaside revelry.

On a more personal note, I’ve been busy working on my book The Zeeland Girl, that’s taking me longer than I thought it would. I’m also working on three assignments, all creative work that I love to do… has me re-telling a fairy tale!

Have a great creative week everyone πŸ˜ŠπŸ“š

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