Just a short blog post to share my experiences this week, that is loosely linked to my writing.

Lately, when I’ve sat at my computer to write, my wedding ring finger has been tingling, until it had become quite painful. Its gradually gotten worse and my finger around the gold ring has become swollen and red. Bearing in mind that I havn’t been able to remove the ring for at least 20 years, I thought I should have it removed.

I had in mind going to the doctors or the jewellers but my husband had other ideas. He searched the internet for a quick solution to my discomfort. There’s a way to remove a ring without having to cut into it apparently, that involved tying an elastic band tightly around the finger and then winding the elastic, thus taking the ring off at the same time.

Well, this method did not work for me. It left my finger almost black and sore, and me running to the jewelers! As you can see by the image, my finger had blistered under the ring, which is now totally split (and safely in my jewelry box!).

The cost to refit it involves soldering a piece onto the ring, and parting with 100 AUS dollars.

Well worth the cost though, and to keep my finger!

If anyone thinks of trying this method, think again….take the ring (and finger) to someone who knows what they’re doing.

Anyone have any similar experiences?

Please share!

Have a great writing week. 😊🙌

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