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January 21, 2018

Writer’s Block; Fight or Flee? – with Yarii

Such good advice for the writer’s out there! 🙂

Alicia Lidwina


It is an extremely common case for writers to  face this semi-mythical thing called ‘writer’s block’. Some believe that it exists while some think that it is a myth.

For readers or people who do not write, it is probably difficult for you to imagine how it feels like to have writer’s block. to put it in a simple way, ‘I know what will happen but I cannot put it into words’, Get it?

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Gold Coast flora

Just a few images taken this afternoon at Nerang National park. We take the dog up there every now and then, and it was cooler today than its been. Temperatures have hit 52 degrees these last few weeks, so there’s a real danger of bush fires at the minute.

The local wildlife find this weather intense as well, and reports of snakes attacking people and animals has intensified. We keep our fox terrier Billy on a lease at all times, which he’s not totally happy with, but I’d rather be safe than sorry, especially as Brown snakes love basking in the sun and can be really aggressive!

I took my mobile with me today, so here are a couple of pictures of the local fauna. It still amazes me how the flowers thrive in such heat, but they are certainly sun loving…🌻

Have a creative week! 😊🙌🐕🌴

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