Happy new year! This blog comes from the sunny Gold Coast, Australia, but I havn’t always lived here. I was born and bred in Wales, a country that is deeply passionate about its ancient customs and rituals, and Christmas and New Year are no exception. Just like Scotland’s Hogmanny, Wales has Hel Calennig, which is celebrated on New Year’s Day.

The ancient custom of Calennig literally means a New Year gift. Children would go from house to house, bearing good wishes, health and prosperity to the household for the New Year. They would bear gifts such as pennies and skewered apples with fruit and raisins smeared over the apple.

I am aware of this Welsh tradition, taken from the Roman festivities of Saturnalia, but as children we were more concerned with trick or treating in my town. The capital city, Cardiff holds annual Calennig celebrations, which includes fairground rides, fireworks displays and ice skating.

I hope everyone has their New Year resolutions in place….mine are to be healthier, to read more, and of course, to write!

I am currently writing my next book, a thriller set in southern England. I’ m also applying to do a Master’s degree in literature and writing, which is very exciting! I will keep you posted on how I go with that.

Happy new year, fellow bloggers – keep posting and writing!

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