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January 8, 2018

Lewis Carroll’s Curious Square Poem

Love this poem, have to share!

5 Essential Lessons I Learned as an Author in 2017

Great advice here from 🙂

Jocelyn Young

5 Essential Lessons I Learned as an Author in 2017

There were no shortage of lessons to be learned in 2017. I did my best to gleam all I needed from every blessing, every heartache, and every single dream I postponed. From those critical experiences came some very important lessons. Here are a few that I carry with me into 2018

Self-care must come First.

I’m an author to my core. What I love above most other experiences is sitting down to write. Even when my fingers don’t dance over the keys in the ways that I want them too, I feel a sense of amazement at being able to do what I love and make a living.  However, some times I go to far.

My work is important, but so is the family that I’ve been blessed to come to have. There is hardly if ever a dull day…

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