Great writing advice from Allison Maruska 🙂

Allison Maruska

Last week, I participated in a flash fiction challenge in which I picked two subgenres to mash together into a single short story. I did this using a random number generator and landed on dystopia and erotica. (Read it here if you’re so inclined.)

Yep, erotica. As in hormones, blood rushes and naughty bits. I didn’t go all-out graphic with the sexy time because that’s not what I like to write. But it’s there enough.

I also didn’t post the thing to Facebook or Twitter, like I normally do.

Why not?

Well…I’m not sure. I did post the link on the site hosting the challenge, but that’s it. I think it was because I knew my mom wouldn’t be able to find it there.

Silly, I know. She, along with most of my other readers at this point, is an adult. If she didn’t want to read it, she…

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