Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

Eleanor Oliphant leads a simple, orderly life. She works as an office clerk, from Mon to Fri, wears the same clothes, eats the same lunch everyday, then spends her weekends drinking copious amounts of vodka. She drinks alone, in her flat for one, and does not speak to another soul until Monday comes around again. Her work colleagues think she is quirky but slightly odd. But Eleanor Oliphant is content with her life. Nothing is missing from her orderly, uncluttered existence.

Until one random act of kindness changes all that.

She meets Raymond, an IT guy in her office, and gradually, she has to ingratiate herself  with other people – has to learn the ‘social niceties’ that we all take for granted. Through her encounter with Raymond, her social circle expands in ways that she’d not thought possible. Suddenly, she is visiting a sick man in hospital, entertaining people in her lonely flat, and learning how to care for others.

We are taken into her world, and how wonderful it is to have access to that journey! To her quirkiness, her sense of humor and the innate way she looks at the world.

It had me laughing out loud, sympathizing, crying, and feeling totally in love with her character!

A very heartwarming, compassionate and moving story – 5/5 (and I would give it a lot MORE stars if I could!)

Highly recommend this book.

Have a lovely week, fellow bloggers!

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