This is where we had dinner last night, Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast, Australia

My sister-in-law and her husband are over from the UK for their annual visit. Even though they love Australia, and can’t get enough of the weather, the laid-back lifestyle, the fabulous scenery… even though we enjoy seeing them …..I get hardly any work done! There, I’ve said it…from my creativity/writing point of view, they are a complete distraction!

So, let me give you a little background on my husband’s relatives. My sister-in-law is a retired art teacher who now paints full time from her studio at the bottom of a very English garden (you get the picture…lots of roses, hedgerows, oak trees bordering their moss covered wall). She loves her work and finds inspiration from travelling around the world, taking photographs of wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, cities, etc. Then she paints them, quite well actually. Her husband is a retired doctor, who used to run a successful practice in Hampshire. Now he trawls through travel magazines every few months, (no, I stand corrected…every few weeks, or even days!) looking for places to visit. He also has a model train set up the attic of their small English cottage (picture it; low wooden beams and hardly any space as theirs has a huge chimney stack in one corner!), where their four cats have also made their home (warm and cozy-like). He loves to read travel magazines, and their house is full of artifacts from their travels.

So, they have lots of time on their hands to visit folk like us. Their passports are bulging with the places that they’ve visited (bear in mind here that they have been retired just a couple of years!). They have visited most of Europe on mini breaks (Greece being their favorite place) plus France, Spain, Croatia, Italy (at least four times!) as well as safaris in Africa, Madagascar, Dubai, Egypt, Texas (where his sister lives), toured across the States, India, and Australia (heaps of times). New Zealand is next on their list, and they are currently on a mini cruise break to Papua New Guinea. They left our house this morning with battered suitcases and lots of suntan lotion!

Phew! It is an A-Z of countries, and that’s the countries I know of!

Me? I am back to the comfort of my studio room, in front of my computer, busily dreaming up more plots for my next book…! Back in my comfort zone, my safe haven from life and its realities! The places I visit are totally in my head (until I write my bestseller of course, then I will travel….dreams are made of this!)

Do I sound jealous? Of course not! Well, maybe just a little!

Anyhow, this leads me neatly into my own question, fellow writers/bloggers!

What distracts YOU from your writing?

Does anyone else feel the same? Please share if you are with me…even just a little bit!

PS Have a great weekend, and happy, creative writing y’all!

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