The esteemed historical fiction writer Ken Follett (of Pillars of the Earth fame), has said that he read over 200 text books to research his last novel in the Kingsbridge series, entitled A Column of Fire.

So with this in mind, I have been busily reading as much as I can for my new book! Researching as much as you can is an essential part of the writing process, especially historical fiction. In order to write just one chapter, you have to understand the whole situation that your character lives in ; the clothes they wore, the food they ate, where they worked etc, are just SOME of the details….what was happening socially, politically, culturally, at that time ?

Here’s just a few of the books that are now in my house….in my writing room, beside my bed, on my coffee table….everywhere!

They are taking up bags of space, and I’m thrilled about it!

Does anyone have any research tips?

Please share, fellow bloggers!

Enjoy the rest of your creative week! πŸ“š ✏ #books #reading #writing #writerslife