I have just finished the epic read Barkskins by Annie Proulx. Whilst its very long book that needs a certain amount of time to finish, I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys epic historical fiction that is so superbly written and has strong leading characters that bring the settings to life.

Barkskins – Annie Proulx 

Set in the late 17th century, Charles Duquet and Rene Sel are two penniless Frenchmen, settling in and trying to conquer the new land of New France. This epic read covers 300 years and deals with themes of colonisation and the effects of settlement on the Native Peoples  (in this case the settlement of North America ), family relationships and loss, all set in the boreal forests and the consequent eradication of the forestry due to European settlement.

This is a book that needs time to read, to immerse yourself into, and to completely understand the strong characters, superb writing and details that are covered here. The book continues down the lineage from the original main characters and the hardships they face while conquering the breathtaking landscape and peoples around them. 

Proulx has written Brookeback Mountain that had an Oscar winning film attached to it, so her work is first class. Anyone who loves epic historical fiction is in for a treat.

5/5 stars. 📚

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