Koala Art @ Surfers Paradise Gold Coast

The Commonwealth Games are arriving on the Gold Coast next April 2018. Spanning a two week period, the Goldie has been preparing for the Games for what seems an age! There are road works, traffic jams, new buildings being constructed left right and centre (including a new light rail!), as  well as the added improvements to Carrara Stadium and the Olympic sized swimming pool in Southport. 

Its a multi sporting event, involving the 70 countries that make up the Commonwealth, including (in no particular order), Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand and South Africa.

It promises an array of sporting events, including Athletics, Swimming, Boxing and Badminton. Tickets range from $10 – $20 which I think is good value, although the opening ceremony is around $500!

We are planning on getting a few tickets – I’m interested in the athletics, and hubby wants to watch the boxing.

I’ ll be glad though, when the road works are completed and the Coast gets back to normal! ☺ 

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