Wonderful post and a fitting theme for the Olympics in Rio 🙂

Where to next?

reptile in the Pantanal Trying to get a lizard’s eye view of the Olympics? Look hard, it’s 2600 kilometres to the east

Caiman in the Pantanal Hey, Mr Caiman, you’re looking the wrong direction

All eyes are on Rio de Janeiro for the coming weeks, and rightly so with the Olympics 2016 currently underway.

One of our daughters is there for work, on the periphery of the Games. I’m pretty sure she’ll be run ragged over the next little while, and have little chance to see many events or Rio itself. She didn’t get to see the opening ceremony.

Hawks in the Pantanal Two hawks watching over their domain

birds in Pantanal Jabirus or ibises (I think) racing to the Olympics. You’re going the wrong way

Fortunately she has a few extra days in Brazil after the Games end. To help her decide how to spend them, I’m going to add a few blog posts from our two recent trips to that vast and amazing…

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