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Today is my wedding anniversary. My hubby and I took our vows in 1989, so that would be 27 years go today. Along the way we have acquired one cat (now deceased), one dog (very much alive) and two children, a boy and a girl that my mother calls my ‘pigeon pair.

I have much to be grateful for; chocolate, books, sunshine, laughter, family.

So I scrolled through my old posts, and stumbled across a ’12 Things I am Grateful For’ Post, which I think is very fitting for today.

  1. My family. We moved to the other side of the world exactly 10 years ago last weekend; me, my hubby and my two children. The move has made us stronger as a family unit and I’m forever grateful to have them.
  2. My dog. My little terrier Billy is a rascal, but he is also my writing companion and my support.
  3. My computer. Has enabled me to find my creativity.
  4. Writing. I love to write. I am never happier than when I am in front of my computer, my dog on the sofa next to me, creating characters, places and settings.
  5. My love of books. I have read since I was young, and feel privileged every time I find a new author or a gem of a book.I’m currently reading a Tracy Chevalier book, and loving it.
  6. Baking. I love to bake with my daughter. We set out most weekends to look through recipes and spend that precious family time together.
  7. The internet. I would be lost without my friend Google, as he is used so much in research. What was life like before the internet? I shudder to think.
  8. My car. Allows me to travel around the beautiful Gold Coast, and search for inspiration.
  9. Dining out. I love to discover new restaurants. As a family we eat out quite a bit; food helps us to connect and bond.
  10. The area I live in. Also, the world and all the gorgeous places in it. We should all be grateful to live on this glorious planet.
  11. My parents. For giving me life and good advice.
  12. Waking up each morning in a warm bed, content and looking forward to a new day.