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Welsh Crime Books on Amazon


My new crime book is cruising along at No 46 in the Amazon charts, under ‘Best Sellers in Welsh Crime.’ Stella Windermere The case of the Polish sailor, tells of an older lady, an amateur sleuth who solves crime in her local town. The character is based on a family member (now deceased) and is set in my old town in Wales.

Self Publishing vs Traditional Publishing

I’m pleased that its there, but I’m slowly realising how difficult it is to market a book yourself. My first two did well; a trilogy of historical novels that’s still WIP. After sharing it on Facebook, my blog, and Instagram, I ran out of promotion tools. The novelty of my books has also waned a bit with people I know, so I’m getting a bit frustrated by self publishing.

Because I’ve been swayed by the potency of having your own work published (and seeing it there in print), I have neglected to go the other route, and send manuscripts to traditional publishers. My dream of having several publishing houses vying for my work has become an illusion, a fantasy and a cause for self doubt and self critiquing.

Has anyone else had these same doubts? Do I carry on self publishing or send to traditional publishers?

Please share your thoughts!


Elen A Celtic Trilogy – available on Amazon

I’m off to Melbourne in the morning; my son Liam and I are driving down (a journey of around 20 hours). We’ll be stopping off along the way, especially when we get past Sydney and start driving into Ned Kelly country! Love history so much…..:)

So before I go I thought I’d share my book Elen. Originally published as a much shorter version, it’s now available on Amazon with an added 12,000 words.

The link to it is below:


Bookcover of Elen by Suzanne Bowditch (jpg)

Elen A Celtic Trilogy

 The second book, Alice’s Secret is also available here 🙂

I am researching, drafting and working on my third book, which is the last one of the trilogy, and will be set around the time of WW1.

Enjoy the rest of the week 🙂

Tom Jones

tom jones
Tom Jones 

Being an expat, now living in Australia but from the wild and woolly depths of Wales, we as a family often chat about our homeland. My children have grown up in Australia, and we all love the climate, the people and the lifestyle (it’s Winter here now, but we’re having an unexpected heatwave, my barometer reads 30 degrees). They are growing up fast, with social events, friends to see and (in the case of my son) work to go to. But every so often we will have a free evening and will take our dinner desserts and sit in the back media room. It has a huge print of Elvis Presley on the wall (from Jailhouse Rock, his best time in my opinion) and we will chat over a couple of beers (or lemonade for my daughter).

The night inevitably turns to Wales, and we love to regale stories of our times living there. When we used to love to walk on the sands at Porthcawl and eat ice cream whilst the kids played on the park. When we used to take a drive down Tenby, and pop into Folly Farm. Such memories are made of this….


Last night was such and occasion, and our thoughts turned to that little piece of the UK half a world away from us. Naturally the drinks flew and before I knew it we had Tom Jones blasting from the TV. Now, he is a legend in Wales, along with rugby, the Welsh dragon,  the Millennium stadium (where the rugby is played, of course) and songs. We killed our rendition of Delilah, Its Not Unusual and Green Green Grass of Home, and the more we played the more noisier we became.

Does anyone have a song, artist (or both) that they HAVE to play when they gather with family and friends?

Please share…:)


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