Photo Credit: Wikipedia

“I’ve learned that something constructive comes from every defeat”

Tom Landry

This week’s quote comes from sportsman Tom Landry (1924-2000), one of the greatest and innovative coaches in the National Football League (NFL).

Born in Texas, Thomas Wade “Tom” Landry had an illustrious career with the Dallas Cowboys. Amongst his achievements:

  • Two Super Bowl titles
  • Five NFC titles
  • Thirteen Divisional titles

He was named the NFL Coach of the Year 1966, and the NFC Coach of the Year 1975

In his 29 year tenure with the Dallas Cowboys, he invented the popular 4-3 defense and the ‘flex defense’ system.

A very inspirational sportsman, his quote could be used to inspire all kinds of people struggling for motivation in their chosen fields πŸ™‚