Knitting Penguin

I have taken up knitting. Well, this is not quite true as yet, but I met up with a couple of my lovely friends this morning, and over a frothy coffee, the talk turned into a knitting chat. My friend has been knitting for years, and has created some gorgeous throws which are lovely for this time of the year when Winter has set in. This got me thinking about learning to knit again and teaching my daughter Jessica to knit. We enjoy films together, and Jessica loves watching Coronation Street with me, but I think this would be an added thing. Besides, it will prepare me for being a grandma (in the distant future course).

So, we strolled around my local Kmart looking for wool and knitting needles. They had a very limited selection, so I will be shopping around. We have arranged to meet on Monday and are calling ourselves the Kosy Knitting Klub. There’ll be nibbles and snacks and some wine, and a Chinese is planned for later in the evening (when we’re exhausted from knitting!) This is a great way of getting together with friends and doing something proactive, rather than just gossiping about family (although we love our kids, we need some ME time too!).

Has anyone else got ideas for clubs to get together with friends? Are you part of a club already? Please share your thoughts 🙂