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My reading companion

This is a recent photo of my dog Billy. He’s a fox terrier whose also my reading/writing buddy. Many words have been written on my computer with Billy next to me to offer moral support. I also discuss my characters, settings, and plots with him. If I am writing a tricky patch, I usually make a coffee and bounce off ideas with my pooch. He never answers, just looks at me with those soulful brown eyes. He’ s just turning eight next week and is a sweetie.

Does anyone have a favored routine for ideas? Creativity can be gushing and flow like a huge river or can be a trickle or even a dry river bed (perish the thought!).

“Writing is its own reward.” -Henry Miller πŸ“š

Tuesday Quote

I have decided to run a quote day every week until Christmas. Tuesday is one of those neither here nor there days (too far away from last weekend, not near enough to next weekend), so it makes an ideal quote day. So, Christmas is 13 weeks away (yes, really), so I have 13 quotes to share with you…:)

Let’s start off with one of my favorite quotes by the great Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790):

“What good shall I do this day?”

Benjamin Franklin

A good first choice, Franklin was known as The First American for his fearless campaigns for colonial unity. He was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, and was an inventor, scientist, statesman, politician, leading author and a Freemason to boot.

His inventions included – bifocal glasses; the urinary catheter; and the Franklin stove. He was also a leading figure in the discovery of electricity (see image).Wikipedia

A very gifted individual, who quite rightly deserves first quote day πŸ™‚



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