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Writing seminar

Spent the afternoon in Brisbane at a writing seminar, ‘A Conversation with Joanna Penn.’ Joanna is a successful self published author, who was very open and honest in how she went from having a job that she was unhappy in, to being a happy creative writer. She has one of the Top 10 blogs for self publishing advice and has written fiction and non fiction with titles such as ‘How to Make a Living with your Writing.’

I very informative and inspiring afternoon, I came away feeling motivated and confident to continue my own writing journey.☺👍📚🎡

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June 26 Challenge

June 1-30 challenge

Day 26 Marathon

June 26, 2016. Marathons are being held today in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii; Santa Cruz, California; Lubec, Maine; and Arlington, Virginia. The race in Arlington is indoors. 

I’m not doing any of them. I may run or ride a few miles, though. 

A marathon is 26.2 miles. Marathoners don’t start out running 26.2 miles! They start small and train for it. They work hard to reach that distance.

Tell us about something you worked for. Something you thought you might never accomplish, but you did.

If you have actually run a marathon, you can write about that!

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I don’t do marathons. The furthest I walk is to take my terrier dog Billy around the block for his daily ablutions. Even then some mornings I just open the patio door and tell him to ‘do his business outside!’

Writing is my MARATHON. I’ve spent 50+ years growing into the person that I am today (mentally, not physically, may I add), from the inklings of thoughts, diaries and school poems that have been written, to get to my goal. My writing marathon has not ended, no siree; its just started. (I hope that by writing this down, I have not jinxed myself!)

Eighteen months ago, I took a wring challenge; a marathon of writing 500 words for a month. I took the challenge, and by the end of the month had written well over 15,000 words (you do the math), and my passion for writing was reborn.

Now, I write about anyone and anything. Everything inspires me, from a simple article in a local newspaper or magazine, to gossip from my friends and family; its wonderful.

As we speak, I’m in the middle of four written projects; my third book in A Celtic Trilogy (unnamed), a murder mystery that I’m really excited about, a book that’s inspired from my mother’s childhood in WW2 and editing Alice’s Secret (the second in A Celtic Trilogy).


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