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Body on the beach

Welsh Crime Books on Amazon


My new crime book is cruising along at No 46 in the Amazon charts, under ‘Best Sellers in Welsh Crime.’ Stella Windermere The case of the Polish sailor, tells of an older lady, an amateur sleuth who solves crime in her local town. The character is based on a family member (now deceased) and is set in my old town in Wales.

Self Publishing vs Traditional Publishing

I’m pleased that its there, but I’m slowly realising how difficult it is to market a book yourself. My first two did well; a trilogy of historical novels that’s still WIP. After sharing it on Facebook, my blog, and Instagram, I ran out of promotion tools. The novelty of my books has also waned a bit with people I know, so I’m getting a bit frustrated by self publishing.

Because I’ve been swayed by the potency of having your own work published (and seeing it there in print), I have neglected to go the other route, and send manuscripts to traditional publishers. My dream of having several publishing houses vying for my work has become an illusion, a fantasy and a cause for self doubt and self critiquing.

Has anyone else had these same doubts? Do I carry on self publishing or send to traditional publishers?

Please share your thoughts!

#Murder Mystery #Book Cover #Stella Windermere # Release date December 2016


This is my book cover for my new Murder Mystery. Set in the town of south Wales, a murder has occurred, and amateur sleuth is just the lady to solve it!

Release date: December 2016. Stella Windermere The case of the Polish sailor




Here’s a short synopsis:

Port Talbot, 1970s.

When a body is found on the beachfront at Aberavon,  amateur sleuth Stella Windermere is intrigued. The police are confused as to the identity of the mysterious man. All they have to go on is an ID tag next to the body. When a well known member of the community is bludgeoned to death at a party, the mystery deepens. Quickly embroiled in the case,Stella finds that she has to use all her wits to capture the murderer, along with her new assistant, Joe.

Thanks to Jo Robinson Services at for the book cover, great job! 🙂

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