We took a trip up to Brisbane over the weekend, leaving before the sun came up to scurry up the motorway like timid nocturnal animals. Why you ask? Because there was a book and record fair on…I’m a book fiend while my husband is a record aficionado!

The book/record fest was held at the Exhibition Hall and because we were early, it meant that we had a couple of hours to peruse books (all genres, from a dollar), vinyls, dvds, even jewelry! I came away with 13 books including three Stephen King’s to add to collection and a couple of Margaret Atwood’s books. Hubby had a wad of Elvis Presley, Elton John and the like, so it was happy days all round..

We left our ‘goodies’ in the car and headed to the Gallery at Soutbank. I took a few pics, mainly of the art that caught my eye the most ( see images ), then sat by the river for some lunch.

Have a creative week everyone!..I wrote over 2,000 words of my new book, a historical timeslip novel, The Hour of the Witch. I plan to complete it by this Christmas 2019…

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