“Red skies at night, shepherds delight,

Red skies in the morning, shepherds warning.”

The humidity of the heatwave we’re experiencing in Queensland at the moment is turning the skies into all kinds of pinks, peach, yellows and blue at the moment. The high temperatures usually means a storm is imminent, and I couldn’t help thinking about the old shepherd’s saying as we headed back up the coast on the weekend. I believe the saying goes back to Biblical times, when the shepherds would check the skies constantly, the differences in the weather as essential to their crops and their livelihoods.

Times are not so different now. Yes, on the surface things have changed and modern technology makes us feel a world away from our ancestors. Judging from the spate of hurricanes, storms, floods and droughts in recent times, it seems we are as vulnerable to the changing climates as our ancestors were.

That’s why it’s good to stop once in a while and take in the beauty of Mother Nature, before our iphones and ipads, our social media apps and our computers demand our attention once more.

Have a good week and keep writing! 🙌 📚 💚 #writer #writerslife