It’s the second day of the APWT18 writers event on the Gold Coast and I’m loving the stories from around the globe. This morning I sat in on a discussion centred around translation methods in literature, and the challenges faced by the translator as they try and keep the tone, structure, empathy and perspective of the author. This covers novels, essays, poetry, non fiction and short stories and involves a connection with the translator and writer.

Later, I sat in on a writers session by well known Australian authors, including Matthew Condon and Julia Prendergast. Both have written about the seedy side of Australian lives, including police corruption, mafia-type gangs and drugs.

As the image shows, I’ve been credited as an edtor on the APWT program of events which is thrilling! So nice to see that my hard work on the biographies was appreciated. πŸ™

Loving the events! πŸ™Œ

Just one day to go…..☺

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