I’m volunteering all this week at the APWT event at Griffith University, Gold Coast. All volunteers get to attend the lectures and workshops, and have a chance to meet authors and writers from around the world. Authors include Matthew Condon, Ravi Shankar, Ashley Hay, Nick Earls among others.

I’m also on the registration desk, so I had a chance to chat with different authors and speakers. I’m there all week, where I have a chance to browse the bookshop and attend writing sessions….its a real honor to be a part of it!

On the creative front, I’m hoping to get a publisher for my cosy mystery, Stella Windermere The case of the Drowned Man. I’m giving it until the middle of next year, then will self publish and market it. I have reflective essays to write before the Christmas wind down, plus I’m enrolled on a unit at Deakin called Revisionary short stories.

I sometimes feel that I have heaps of time to write, then my diary becomes full. My son Liam is up from Melbourne next week for Christmas, so there’s not much chance of a quiet time!

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