These photos were taken at Lake Moogerah, which is such a picturesque part of the Scenic Rim hinterland.

We stopped at a picnic area….with no tidbits for the birds but water! This Miner bird stayed with us a few minutes, hoping….then flew off.

Next time we visit, I ‘ll remember the wildlife!

On a creative note, I ‘ve finished proofreading my second Cozy Mystery! All the plotpoints/red herrings, seem to be in place. I just have to go over it again….its the most tedious part of the writing process and I couldn’t be an editor for a living that’s for sure!

Also, have enrolled in anther MOOC with the University of Iowa. Its free and this one’s called Stories and Places. I’m also enrolled on a uni course at Deakin over the summer, called Short Stories: Visionary & Revisionary…so have loads to keep me motivated!

Have a happy creative weekend πŸ™ŒπŸ’šπŸ“š

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