Sunday afternoon and I ‘m studying for a uni assignment for my masters degree. The unit, a research theory unit, has taken me out of my comfort zone…and it is meant to! My thesis, you see, is about the witchcraft craze that took over Europe in the 16th -17th centuries that involved thousands of women persecuted, tortured and killed for witchcraft, but I’m learning so much more….

Broadly speaking , I’m studying the effects of the witch phenomena on future generations that encompasses the perception of womens mental illness, sexuality and madness, in what was phrased as ‘hysteria.’

As you can tell by my brainstorming poster, I’m researching and reading esteemed writers like Focault, Freud, Marx, and feminist literary critics such as Julie Kristeva, Judith Butler and Elaine Showalter. My studies have taken me to understand the rise in mental asylums after the events of what feminists call ‘The Burning Times’ in women’s history.

Pivotal to this is a book I ‘ve yet to read but have it on my ever-growing list : The Witch in History by Diane Purkiss, which takes a polemic look into the phenomena of witchcraft and what it means for women today.

Heavy stuff you may say, but the topic of the witch continues to fascinate me, and I always have my loyal terrier Billy by my side!

How is your Sunday going?

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