So many good writing tips here! Thank you to The Content Fair. 🙂

The Content Fair

Writing the perfect story is a lot like producing a lip-smacking dish. All the ingredients must be carefully selected and measured before they are blended to create a melting pot of spices that entice a foodie’s soul. But no matter how good you are at crafting an engaging story (or cooking a delectable dish), there are always ways you can improve your creative writing (or cooking!) skills.

Here are 10 ways you can polish your creative writing skills and take your scrumptious dish to the next level:

Spend Time Crafting a Killer Opening

It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing a mammoth novel, a short novella or an even shorter short story. The opening of your book is the most important part because the first few paragraphs determine whether your readers will continue reading your tale or put it down. The best way to create a killer opening is by grabbing…

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