I had to share these photos, taken early this morning on my back fence. I live in a rural street on the Gold Coast hinterland – just one street away we’re in bushland, right through to Uluru (Ayres Rock).

The cockatoos are a familiar sight, flying high above us and perching in the forest opposite my house. But this morning they chose to perch on next door’s roof! I went out my back to take a closer look and put nutty cereal along the fence and they flew over to take some. Needless to say, my dog Billy was not impressed – I had to lock him inside the house while I took these photos.

Cockatoos are regarded as a nuisance to some Australians, mainly because they’ve been known to cause the destruction of fences and rip apart fruits off trees and then throw the fruit, damaging and bruising it – they like mangoes in particular!

I think they’re beautiful, graceful and very intelligent, and was pleased to see them this morning….it made my day.

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