We took a drive inland this weekend, to the hinterland. You have to either drive over (very steep!) or drive around Mount Tambourine in order to get into the heart of the Scenic Rim. Either way, the scenery is breathtaking, for it was once an active volcano that brought up a range of gorgeous mountains and forests. There’s Mount Barney and Mount Lindsey that edge the border into New South Wales…someone once told me they thought it was God’s country out there, and they weren’t wrong.

It also made a change from the busy madness of the coast, which has its own beauty, with the endless beaches and surf. Inland, we cruised past grazing cattle, rolling hills and farms that nestle among the forest.

It’s idyllic.

Which begs the question: what would you prefer? Busy but beautiful coastline or quiet and gentle rural hills?

After 12 years not far from the beaches, the tranquility of a country setting certainly appeals – and imagine how much writing I could accomplish!

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