Just a picture we took over the weekend at our favorite spot on the Gold Coast; Broadbeach and its coastline. Its wintertime, and as usual its sprung so quickly that everyone has been frantically buying warmer clothes, and the whales are busy making their way up the coastline to warmer waters. I don’t blame them.

I love this time of year though, for the humidity has gone, leaving crisp mornings and warm afternoons. It hardly ever rains either, the sky has a vast blueness that even the best artist would find difficult to replica. Added to that, the lush deep green foliage…nature at its best. 💚

Have a creative weekend, I’m spending it at home, making beef stew (or as my granny used to say – Welsh cawl) to keep warm. Also reading a lively historical mystery book by Karen Maitland. I haven’t read any by her before – she specialises in Medieval England, mainly the 13th century – but I would recommend her. Will write a review when its done.

Also on my TBR list is the new Stephen King, ‘The Outsider.’ Can’t wait! 📚

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