We took our terrier Billy to Coomera Lake this afternoon. The lake is north of us and was used for water sports during the Commonwealth Games, where hundreds of athletes competed along its waterways. Now its back to normal, used for fishing, bird watching and dog walking.

I took my camera and snapped a cormorant sunning itself just as we walked by. It didn’t move for at least 10 minutes but kept a beady eye out for Billy!

I’m busy finishing up an assignment due this week, in which I have to write a YA story. Its turning into an actual book now, heading for over 10,000 words so I may carry on writing it! Its my first venture into YA fiction/fantasy/adventure and I’m really enjoying writing of Sammie’s adventure – I’m surprising myself…

What has surprised you in your writing? What inspires you to keep on writing?

Please share!

Happy creative weekend. 😊📚

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