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Image Courtesy of Glen Carrie: Unsplash

I’ve been looking at poetry this week, particularly Haiku poetry. I studied its forms last year, but poetry itself has always had different connotations for me – namely that it is part of a loftier genre than fiction writing, with its syllables, and emphasis on structure and lines (Shakespeare and his iambic pentameter springs to mind), that make it harder to understand.

So, I was pleased that my poem, a Haiku, was received quite warmly by my lecture at the time, and by the visiting poet. They encouraged the class to dig deep into our inner psyches, enjoy the world around us and to embrace the simplest things, especially  Nature at its best.

With that in mind, I found this lovely image on Unsplash. The black and white style appealed to me, and the image itself – of three little birds – summed up a Bob Marley tune that hummed in my head as I wrote this poem:

Three Little Birds

Three beaks in the air,

A delight for the senses,

Can be Nature’s Joy.

Suzanne Bowditch, 2018

It’s just Monday lunchtime here – have a great creative week wherever you are !

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