These pictures were taken a few years back, at Coff’s Harbor, New South Wales. It was a weekend away for my son’s birthday, so we went to the local marine park. As you can see both of them met the resident walrus! I remember he smelt really strongly of fish, and kept sniffing behind their ears to get more. This is him giving a sloppy kiss.

It was also a weekend to celebrate my graduation, so I remember it being a cold autumn in 2012. A few years ago now, and a lot of learning since.

In that time, I ‘ve had 4 books self-published (no mean feat, its a minefield alone to get the formatting correct, plus covers, then marketing them!), and taken a several courses, including a Library diploma, historical courses with the University of Iowa, plus creative writing courses.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is that I’m still pursuing my dream to write for a living. My journey (still on going), has been nothing if not diverse (with regular jobs plotted in, to supplement my income ), but I still have that drive, that desire to achieve my goals – of being a writer.

I’m not looking for success, (although that can come with it) but a desire to write everyday and share my stories with others.

Whatever your goals are, stick to them! Its what makes us who we are.

Have a creative week!

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