For my Masters degree, I’m specializing in Children’s literature. I’m enrolled on three units, one that covers Folktales and Fairytales and one on YA (Young Adult) fiction.

YA fiction is a gente of writing that I have yet to fully explore. With preconceived ideas that YA books are merely ‘meant for teenagers,’ I ‘ve been proved wrong -they are just as enjoyable as any contemporary book you care to mention!

At the moment, I’m exploring the alternate worlds of Philip Pullman’s fantasy books. The Book of Dust was recommended in Book Club TV show recently, but when I took out the book (and also as part of my own research) I was disappointed that it was a YA book. How wrong was I ?

The Book of Dust

Malcolm Polstead is a lowly innkeeper’s son, who goes about his life unnoticed and ignored….so he makes for fabulous spy material. When a baby named Lyra is under the care of the local Priory of nuns, Malvolm is swept into danger, intrigue and the very heart of what’s right and wrong. He has to battle forces who want to suppress freedom of thought and inquiry, in a world inhabited by alethiometers, daemons and a Magisterium.

The book is well written, explaining themes of suppression, religion, forces of good and evil and human consciousness. Pullman himself wants to explore the concept of matter and spirit and the time old philisophical questions surrounding our own place in the world.

A definite 5 * Looking forward to the next episode of the trilogy! 📚