I’ve been confined to my bed this last week, having caught a nasty bout of flu. I havn’t felt much like doing anything, just watching endless shows on Netflix! (I would wholeheartedly recommend Alias Grace, based on a Margaret Atwood novel, and Fargo is pretty good too.)

Nevertheless, in between my lemsip drinks and soup, I’ve managed to get some reading done! Reading, for me, is always linked to guilt – that I havn’t done anything around the house, or studied, or written. An illness then, is an ideal time to stay in bed, read and recover.

The images show what I’ ve been reading….

1.Stephen King. This book is always with me. It is dog-eared and well worn, but I refer to it constantly.

2. Philip Pullman & Jodi Picoult with Samantha Van Leer. These are both YA books, and are needed for my Masters as I’m specializing in Children’s literature. The Picoult is a fairy tale whilst Pullman is an expert at writing adventure stories. Love both books!

3. Emma Donoghue. Loved her book Room, and Frog Music is equally as good. I’ve read a few of her books now, including historical fiction book The Wonder.

4. AJ Finn. The Woman in the Window. This is a new book, a psychological thriller that’s a Hot Read in my local library.πŸ“š I’m half way through it, its a real page turner, it reminds me of that classic Hitchcock film Rear Window so it has the seal of approval from me!

What’s everyone reading/watching this week? Any recommendations?

Have an awesome week, the weekend is close! 😊

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