I’ve finally got around to finishing the latest epic horror from the King stable – and what a read!

I’m delighted to give this one a review. Firstly, at over 700 pages, it certainly isn’t a light read. It also has themes of misogyny, domestic violence, feminism and has references to the current President mixed with the regular horror genres that King has become so famous for.

It has a list of the main characters at the start of the book, just in case you get lost ( easily done! ), that include ‘a fox, between 3 to 4 years,’ who plays a pivotal role in the story.

The main character, Clint Norcross, pops out of the pages, as does his wife, Lila. Clint is the psychiatrist at the local women’s prison while Lila is the sheriff of the same town – the fictional town of Dooling.

A sleeping virus, called Aurora after the sleeping beauty of the fairytale, is sweeping across the world, causing chaos and destruction in its wake. But it only affects the female population, who, when they sleep, get covered in a coccoon. When the men try to prise open the coccoons, the horror starts…..

Don’t wake them.

The book will certainly appeal to King’s fans – his Constant Readers – and there is a refreshing tone to the writing that maybe Owen King’s contribution.

Either way, it is an epic read, and I compare it to The Stand and Insomnia.

My only criticism is that they could have explored Evie Black more, the main plotline of the story – maybe a separate book about her ?

Loved it – 5*

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