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February 9, 2018

Write what you know


“Write what you know.”

I really didn’t know what that meant until recently.

Write what you know?

What if you wanted to write about someone in outer space?

Or a solitary man cast on a desert island?

How about an Egyptian Queen during the Roman Empire?

Mmmm…. 🙂

Then I learnt that ‘Write what you know’ means to write about that universal genre  –


Human emotion transcends anything you care to write about, especially if you want your readers to connect with your characters.

Love, hate, jealousy, bitterness, regret – these can occur in any setting, place or time.

Even on an island in the middle of the ocean (it worked for Daniel Defoe, didn’t it?).

Whether your character is knee deep in aliens on a corrupt spacecraft, or winging it solo in the Wild West, they all have inner desires, goals, heartaches and motivation that drives them forward in the story.

It’s what makes them human after all.

And really, that’s what you want to achieve if you want to produce well rounded characters that have human traits – be it good or bad – just like the rest of us!

Happy writing! 🙂

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How to Kill a Character

Thanks for great tips here 🙂

Inevitably there comes a time when a character must die. It’s often easier to kill off “evil” characters than “good” ones, but both are necessary to bring “balance to the force”.

I came across author Lucinda Hawks Moebius’ tips recently and wanted to share them with you as a reminder of the basics to keep in mind when deciding to kill or not to kill 😉

Lucinda Hawks Moebius

Happy Writing!

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