Great tips that will enhance your writing – show and tell verbs 🙂

James E. Woods

Most Common Writing Mistakes: Are Your Verbs Showing or Telling?

Most Common Writing Mistakes

K. M Weiland

most common writing mistakesWant to learn how to write right? Sometimes the best way to ace your writing is to first learn how to avoid doing things the wrong way. But wouldn’t you need a comprehensive list of the most common writing mistakes authors make—and tips on how to avoid them?

Yup. And here’s that list!

In my ongoing Most Common Writing Mistakes series, I identify the most common writing mistakes I see time and again. You’ll be able to avoid your fellow authors’ mishaps by learning how to spot problem areas in your structure, narrative, and character building. Even better, you’ll learn more than just how to avoid these mistakes—you’ll learn how to turn them on their heads to create strong writing techniques and powerful stories.

You’ll learn:

  • How to avoid opening lines that…

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