Merry Christmas to all fellow bloggers! It’s Christmas night here on the Gold Coast and it has reached temperatures of over 35 degrees this afternoon! For the first time ever on Christmas day, we went out for lunch. My kids are 21 and nearly 16 so wanted to go out this year….and on the hottest Christmas since 2001. Phew…bring me some coldness.

So, with bellies full of turkey and pudding, we are back home in our air con home, just as the heavens have opened and a storm rages over us. Goodness knows if the beach babes have got home…it was roasting on the coast!

Anyway, we are tucked up in front of the TV, searching through Netflix for a film. My daughter had Stephen King’s IT for a pressie, that may be on later….!

Have a Merry Christmas….see you all in the New Year!

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