“A book is more than the sum of its materials. It is an artefact of the human mind and hand ” – Geraldine Brooks


Geraldine Brooks 1955-

One of my favorite writers is Australian-American journalist and novelist Geraldine Brooks. I have read most of her fiction books, namely The Secret Chord, Year of Wonders and The People of the Book, and have a notable TBR list for all her works. She writes succinctly and beautifully, capturing the essence of the story she is telling, whether it is set in ancient times (The Secret Chord), in Medieval England during the Black Plague (Year of Wonders) or as a nod to her own favorite novel, Little Women (March).

Born in Sydney in 1955, she studied at the University of Sydney then worked as a journalist for The Sydney Morning Herald. Gaining a scholarship to study at Columbia University in New York, she then worked for The New York Times as a war correspondent, covering such crises as the Balkans, Africa and the Middle East. It was whilst working in the Middle East that she wrote her Non- fiction book based on her experiences there, and the lives of the Muslim women living in the Mideast.

She has won many literary awards in her illustrious career, notable the ‘top prize’ in literature, the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 2006, for her retelling of the classic American novel Little Women, from the absent father’s point of view, that became March. Other novels include Caleb’s Crossing, one of my personal favorites, which explores the story around the first Native American to attend Harvard College, back in the 17th century.

Did you know?

  • Her book, Year of Wonders is in talks to become a major movie, starring English actor Andrew Lincoln (of The Walking Dead fame)
  • She is married to the well respected American journalist and novelist Tony Horowitz, who also won a Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting in 1995
  • She is a fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies at Harvard University
  • She lives by an old mill pond on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, which is inspired by her novel Caleb’s Crossing

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